One of the most underestimated countries in Europe – thick with lush green alpine forests, snow-capped mountains, turquois lakes and edged by a beautiful stretch Adriatic coastline, this wonderful country really is one of two worlds. Slovenia is an excellent destination for those that love the outdoors, as it simply has so much of it. Tourists can enjoy rafting, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking in some of the most beautiful landscapes in Central Europe.

Mount Triglav

Situated in the Slovenia’s only National Park, Tiglav, is the snow-capped colossus that takes the same name as the land it dominate. Mount Tiglav is the biggest mountain in Slovenia and the highest of all the mountains in the Julian Alps, a great mountain range lying across the Slovenia-Italian boarder. This great natural monument stands at over 2,800 meters above sea level and truly is a sight to behold.


Bled Lake

Situated in the Upper Carniolan region in the North of the country, this spectacular lake spans nearly a mile wide and more than a mile (2,120m long). The emerald green lake, which is mixed between glacial and tectonic water, is banked by a medieval castle and surrounds a tiny island upon which has been built a charming little 17th Century church. It really is a stunning body of water!

Lake Bled


Ljubljana is Slovenia’s largest and most vibrant cities. Formerly an Austro-Hungarian city, this charming city was formerly a city of Roman decent – the evidence of which can be found throughout Ljubljana. But, foremost, it is a city with an ode to the medieval era, draped in Art Nouveau, come Baroque architecture. Running through the heart of the city is the beautiful, narrow river of Ljubljanica – perfect for a romantic boat ride to enjoy the most picturesque views the city has to offer.


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