Sprawled across three seas of the Northern Hemisphere, crossing the Arctic boundary, is the truly remarkable Scandinavian country of Norway. If you’re someone that loves adventure, craves natural beauty and longs for moments that take your breath away – this is the place for you.

Norway is unlike any other country in Europe. Laden with snow-capped mountains, glaciers and stunning coastal fjords, it is unmatched for its natural range and beauty. Its rich landscapes are testament to the extraordinary preservation of its environment, making this wonderful place a stunning addition to the bucket-list of any budding wanderer!

Exploring Norway

Exploring Norway’s breathtakingly magnificent countryside and coastal areas is one of the main reasons so many tourists are drawn to the country. But, what makes Norway such a great place for adventure is the level of access tourists have to the country. Due to the ‘right of public access’ (‘Allemannsretten’), or ‘Freedom to roam’ (as it is otherwise known), it is free for anyone to walk, cycle, ski or camp on any land in the country (with the exception of private gardens/land in close proximity to resident properties). Because of this right, you are free to explore the country freely and peacefully, as long as you pick up your rubbish and show respect for nature.

Norway is home to nearly 1,200 fjords – long, deep and narrow bodies of water that form in valleys between cliffs and mountains. These stunning natural wonders are best found along the west coast of the country and can be observed from the mainland, or via boat.


Northern Lights of Tromso

If you’re interested in natural wonderment, you’d have already read about the celestial ballet of green, violet and pink lights of the North. If you’ve never seen them, then Tromso in the winter months may be the perfect place for you. Sitting a few hundred miles inside the Arctic Circle, this small, yet surprising bustling, town is the perfect snowy destination for those looking to observe the light show.

Tromso, Northen Lights Northern Lights, Tromso. Image copyrights titom-666 (CC BY-SA 2.0)


Another great place to visit in Norway is the capital city of Oslo in the nation’s southern region. This thousand-year-old Nordic stronghold is one of the friendliest capital cities in Europe and is a fantastic place to explore and enjoy for all travellers. Surrounded by natural beauty, this delightful coastal city is full of superb architecture, rich cultural sites and tons of great bars, cafés and restaurants for you to warm up in!


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