Less than 100 miles off the south coast of Sicily is the wonderful island nation of Malta. There aren’t many small islands in the Mediterranean that offer up as much charm as this beautiful place. With its pleasant towns, beautiful buildings, fascinating history and welcoming Maltese culture, Malta is a real treasure of the med and a great travel option for those looking for more than a beach and a pool. Exploring this wonderful island is easy and enjoyable, with great bus links throughout and kind locals waiting to greet you wherever you go.


At the heart of the island is the beautiful, fortress city of Valetta. Laden with grand stone churches, museums and palaces, the 16th Century peninsula commemorates perfectly the long, Catholic tradition of this unique island nation – though the streets are classically Mediterranean: narrow, grid like and delicately outfitted with an array of boutiques, fashion stores, cafés, bistros and restaurants. The charm of this magnificent city can be found on every street, it’s grandeur on every inch of its valiant perimeter. There is so much to be discovered in this wonderful city and, with excellent transport links from the many surrounding resorts of the island, it is readily accessible for those visiting Malta.



A short boat-ride north of the Maltese coastline, half-way between Malta and Gozo, is the utterly dazzling island of Comino. With an area of less than 4km2, Comino is geographically but a drop in the Mediterranean Ocean – yet, it is so much more than that! The island attracts thousands of visitors during the summer, due totally to its completely idyllic coastline. The shores outside of the water aren’t particularly sandy, but the turquoise lagoons and white sandy sea floor wouldn’t be out of place in the Bahamas. Getting to the island from either Malta or neighbouring Gozo is easy – day trips and excursions can be booked upon arrival. The diversity of sea life around the island is stunning, making it the ideal location for snorkelers and divers of all abilities.

Comino, Malta

Popeye Village

One of Malta’s most charming attractions is the iconic Popeye Village. This tiny village is the original film set of the famous 1980 musical comedy movie, Popeye. Located a short distance from Mellieha Bay, on the northwest coast of the island, the famous seaside village is a great place for children and adults alike. Guests of the village can enjoy the popular “Take 2 filming”, where they are given the chance to become actors for the day!


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