Italy - the boot shaped peninsula that has stolen the hearts of travellers for millennia. There aren’t many countries that offer up as much rich history and culture as this beautiful place. It’s a country of immense diversity – from the rolling hills of Tuscany, to the beautiful snow-capped mountains of the Italian Alps. The coastline is equally as beautiful, boasting some of the most amazing beaches in the Mediterranean. Inland, you will find an endless number of fabulous Italian cities, towns and villages, just waiting to be explored and enjoyed – everywhere a little bit different, yet still preserving that delicious Italian way of life.


Rome. A city so grand, so beautiful! The Italian capital is one of the most visited cities in all of Europe, thanks to its iconic 3,000 year old heritage, rustic, Italian atmosphere and romantic charm. The city is home to some of the most magnificently preserved ancient ruins in all of Europe, most notably of which is the grand Colosseum, which offers visitors a view into the past like no other. This amazing city of wonderment is a place made for couples. By day, enjoy the blissful charm of Rome’s less crowded narrow lanes, which are a treasure trove of uplifting little cafés and Italian ristorantes. And by night, take a moonlight stroll down to the Lungotevere, find a sweet spot overlooking the grand Vatican’s St Peter’s Basilica, uncork a bottle of vino Romana and fall in love all over again!



Nestled in the rolling hills of Tuscany lies the famous Italian city of Florence. Birthplace of the world renowned Italian Renaissance, this beautiful city is the ideal location for a romantic retreat. Whether wandering hand-in-hand along the serene river Arno, or sipping wine in the magnificent Piazza della Signoria, you’re sure to have an unforgettable break in this jewel of the Italian north.

Florence, Italy


Venice is a lagoon city, perched on over 100 tiny islands that cascade into the Adriatic Sea from the Italian mainland. With its historic buildings and beautiful canals, Venice is one of Italy’s most famous tourist attractions. Stroll along the walkways of the city, discover the grandeur of the Basilica di San Marco, eat gelato on the Grand Canal, and end your day with a bottle of wine on the shore near Giardini Pubblici in Castello, watching as the daytime horizon glows orange against the great lagoon. The perfect romantic break.


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