There is no subtlety about Iceland’s brilliance – a place bursting with wild, spectacular moments. The isle once revered only through travel books is now easier than ever to discover.

Iceland is one of those rare countries that has truly preserved its natural beauty – and there is simply so much of it there. Whether you’re hoping to marvel at the wondrous Aurora Borealis, or experience a wildlife awakening through an up-close encounter with a gentle giant of the blue, Iceland has you well and truly covered.

Exploring Iceland

Icelandic tourism has grown exponentially in just the past few years, with figures from the Icelandic board for tourism suggesting an uplift of over 100% in the number of visitors to the country between 2010 and 2015, from c. 488,000 to nearly 1.3 million a year.

As the appeal of visitors to the island has increased, so too has the availability of travel options and accommodation. Flights to Iceland from the UK are relatively cheap, in comparison to flights to other, similarly remote, locations and excellent accommodation is now readily available in the capital, Reykjavík, and beyond. There are also a number of cruise options available from the UK direct or via Scandinavia.


An Explorers Paradise

If you are cursed with the inborn genetic sequence of the explorer, then Iceland is calling to you. Here are a few reasons why.

The island is a dwelling of two frighteningly powerful, magnificent and opposing force – fire and ice. As molten heat of more than 1000 ◦C emerges from deep within the island, it battles through the icy mountains, carving valleys through the glacial terrain, as gravity leads it on an epic search for lower ground.

Iceland, Landscape

The extreme landscape of Iceland is both beautiful and diverse, thanks mainly to the volatility of its geology. It’s location on the divergent boundary between the Eurasian plate and the North American plate makes it one of the most active volcanic regions on Earth – activity that has fashioned and altered the island over millions of years.

Geysers, lava fields, rift valleys, hot springs and craters are all byproducts of the volcanic and geothermal activity of the island. But, this energy from beneath the surface is contrasted perfectly by the icy environment above the ground, where glaciers, waterfalls, ice caves and snow-capped mountains dominate much of the landscape.


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