Like the 7 European countries that share its border, Hungary is land of great natural beauty – its mountains, green pastures and rolling hills are exquisite. And, despite its land-locked position in the centre of mainland Europe, Hungary is no stranger to water. Its home to one of the largest lake in Europe (Lake Balaton), which is known colloquially as the ‘Hungarian Sea’. The country has a wealth of history and a truly unique cultural identity. It has a rich folk crafts tradition, producing popular decorated pottery, carvings and embroidery.


For something a little different, but unimaginably awe-inspiring, you must visit Hungary’s capital city. For some, Budapest is famed as the most beautiful city in Europe – and we can certainly see why. Enchanting markets, exquisite restaurants and grand architecture are among just some of the reasons Budapest would make the perfect European city break for you and yours. If you want to spend your days wandering around this magnificent city, then summer is a great time to visit. But, if you’re in the market for something all-the-more magical, we dare you to take a chance on a Budapest winter escape. Budapest in winter belongs to a fairy-tale, especially around Christmas time. Go ice-skating in the castle grounds or hunting in one of the charming Christmas markets, all before cosying up with your love and a glass of Hungarian mulled wine – perfect.


Lake Hévíz

Lake Heviz is a geological anomaly – more than half a million square ft of biologically active thermal lake water, the largest of its kind on the planet. This spectacular lake is located just a few kilometres from its much larger neighbour, lake Balaton, in western Hungary. Its warm waters offer the perfect opportunity for visitors to enjoy a hot swim in a beautiful setting. The Lake is bright blue in colour, draped with water lilies that support the amazing eco system that lives within the lake.

Lake Hévíz


Resting on the southernmost bank of the grand Lake Balaton, in Hungary’s western region, is the beautiful city of Siófok. The city is one of the most popular in the country, known for its amazing beaches and lively nightlife. Thousands flock to the Siofok shores of the lake each year to enjoy the wonderful weather and superb, alternative atmosphere there. If you’re a fan of cycling, you’ll love Siófok. Each summer, people visit the city to take part in a cycling tour around the great lake – a 130 mile, 12 hour cycling adventure that will let you enjoy all the wonderful scenery of Balaton. Alternatively, if you’re just in it for the fun, Siófok has you covered. Its great nightclubs, outdoor concerts and street cafes playing live music will have you partying with local into the wee hours!


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