One of the oldest settlements in Europe, the great country of Germany is one of the modern and prosperous in the world. Its vast natural landscapes are dominated by lush green forests, great mountains and crystal blue lakes and rivers. It’s also a place of many wonderful cities, from Berlin, its buzzing capital in the East, to the Gothic city of Cologne in the West and it’s Southern city of Munich, home of the world famous Oktoberfest. Far from the political darkness that plagued Germany during the last century, it is now a magical and welcoming country, desperate to be explored and enjoyed by all.


Around 50km inside Germany’s eastern border with Poland is the bustling capital city of Berlin. It is a stunning metropolis – fragrant with fine art, modern landmarks and an extraordinary night scene. It’s a city with so much to do throughout the year. In the warmer summer months, visitors can enjoy long days strolling the beautiful lakes, parks and gardens of the city, before retreating to the many restaurants and beer gardens of Berlin as night comes in. And during the winter, tourists can enjoy some of the best Christmas markets, shopping and festive food that Europe has to offer.


Saxon Switzerland National Park

Sprawled over Germany’s Eastern border with the Czech Republic is the great Saxon Switzerland National Park. The park is absolutely beautiful, offering visitors an opportunity to encounter some of the most amazing wildlife in Central Europe. Visitors of the park can enjoy some of the 700 summits, many stunning, wild trails and an awesome array of cycle routes. The famous ridges of the German park are excellent for rock climbers, but the park is an equally exciting destination for the less adrenaline fuelled!

Saxon Switzerland National Park


In Germany’s south-eastern state of Bavaria, near its southern border with Austria, is the beautiful city of Munich. This stunning place is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, thanks to its wonderful setting just 30 miles north of the upper Alps. It’s filled with attractive scenery, like the many beautiful lakes, where locals and tourists can enjoy the true beauty of the city. But, aside from its natural beauty, Munich is also great for shopping, dining and entertainment, particularly around Christmas time, when visitors can enjoy the wonder of a city, transformed.


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