From its cosy Alpine villages, to the lavish hotels and boutiques of the French Riviera, to the infinite vineyards of Bordeaux and the beautiful beaches of Brittany – France is a country of remarkable personality, superb produce and utter diversity.

There aren’t many countries in Europe that offer up as much as France. Whether you’re seeking adventure or relaxation, art of surfing, city strolling or kayaking, skiing or wine-tasting… France has you covered.

Exploring Paris

Walking through the charming thoroughfares of this great city is like strolling through a painting of history. The architecture is so magnificently varied, from the gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame to the neo-classical Pantheon of Paris’ Latin Quarter. But though this is great for people interested in history and culture, the great architecture does not represent the true beauty and romance of the city. The true romance of Paris is alive on every street, in every little restaurant and every Parisian café, on every bridge over the river and on each scenic boat-ride down the Seine.


Lake Annecy

On the edge of Parc Natural Regional du Massif des Bauges, situated beneath the mountains of France’s eastern border lies the stunning Lake Annecy (or Lac d’Annecy). This stunning 14 km stretch of crystal blue water, surrounded by luscious green mountains is a place to explore and enjoy. The lake and its surrounding area is kept stunningly, thanks to strict environmental regulations, making it one of the cleanest lakes in all of Europe.

Lake Annecy

The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley – a region in central France famous for its breath-taking scenery, picturesque vineyards, beautiful chateaux and lovely old villages. This beautiful place stretches for 280km along the Loire River. The Valley is steeped in history, from medieval castles and fortresses dotted throughout the region. The Valley also claims sanctuary to some charming towns and villages, from Nantes in the west, to the historic town of Tours. This place is one of utter romance – the perfect escape for couples seeking a peaceful, European break.


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