Resting on the edge of the great Arctic Circle, nestled between Norway, Sweden and Russia, is the truly remarkable Nordic country of Finland. If you’re someone that craves adventure, admires natural beauty and longs for moments that take your breath away – this is the place for you.

With over 180,000 crystal lakes and just as many islands, Finland is a treasure trove of stunning scenery. Unlike its Scandinavian neighbours, Finland consists mostly of large areas of low, flat land covered in icy lakes and acre upon acre of epitomic woodland. Between 60% and 70% of Finland’s total land area is said to be covered in forest, with pine, fir and birch trees being represented in the largest numbers.

Exploring Finland

Exploring Finland’s magnificent countryside and coastal areas is one of the main reasons so many tourists are drawn to the country. But, what makes Finland such a great place for adventure is the level of access tourists have to the country. Due to the ‘Freedom to roam’ or ‘Everyman’s Right’ (as it is otherwise known), it is free for anyone to walk, cycle, ski or camp on any land in the country (with the exception of private gardens/land in close proximity to resident properties). Because of this right, you are free to explore the country freely and peacefully, as long as you pick up your rubbish and show respect for nature.

This right of access gives tourists access to about 90% of the land in Finland, which is great news for those keen to explore its lush landscapes.



If you go far enough North, beyond the great cities and coastline of Sweden, you will arrive at Finland’s most renowned regions - Lapland. This enchanted region makes up a huge proportion of Finland’s surface area. Covering over square 100,000 km, it is a vast wilderness crossing the border of the Arctic Circle - a snow-white haven for enthusiasts of wildlife, adventure and natural wonderment, drawing in tourists from all over the world.

Lapland, Finland

Northern Lights

One of the most remarkable things you can experience in Finland are the spellbinding rays of the Aurora Borealis. The further North you go in the country, the better chance you’ll have of witnessing this life-changing display. And, with Finnish Lapland recording up to 200 nights of Light activity a year, there may not be anywhere more magical in this world to enjoy them.


Another great place to visit in Finland is the capital city of Helsinki in the nation’s southern region. Helsinki is a vibrant city of great design, architecture and stunning natural surroundings. It is a city full of life – great for wandering in the day and even better for socialising at night.

The city is also surrounded by hundreds of islands. The archipelago of Helsinki consists of more than 300 islands, which offer some great opportunities for day trips.


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