England is the largest country in the United Kingdom and, despite its often less than temperate climate, is still a treasure trove of beautiful landscapes, wonderful cities and great history. Visitors to the country are usually drawn in by the iconic sites of London, however, though spectacular, there is far more to England than its great capital. From the rolling hills of Yorkshire, to the vast moorlands of Dartmoor, to the Limestone valleys of the Peak District and the turquoise waters of the Cornish coast – England is a place of spectacular diversity.


The great, British city of London is one of the most diverse, dynamic and toured cities on Earth, attracting visitors from all over corners of the world for decades now. Famed for its iconic sites and landmarks, the great city is home to the Buckingham Palace – the London residence of the reigning Queen of England – the iconic tower bridge, Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, to name just a few. London is also host to a multitude of excellent tourist attractions, from the highly photographed visitor headquarters at Piccadilly Circus, to the Natural History Museum and National Gallery, which are both magnificent. Travelling around London is done with ease, thanks to the excellent transportation options in and beneath the city. The London Underground is by far the best option for moving around, particularly in the centre of London, so tourists can enjoy more time experiencing the great many things London has to offer.


Lake District

In the North West of England, edging into the Irish sea between the old, Northern cities of Lancaster and Carlisle, is the breath-taking, English Lake District. This beautiful, mountainous region of England is also home to some of the most beautiful lakes in Great Britain. According the Cumbria Tourism information, the Lake District attracts more than 18 million visitors a year – and for good reason. Firstly, the Lake District National Park is the largest of its kind in England, covering over half a million acres. It is home to some truly spectacular mountains too, 4 of which stand at over 3,000 feet above sea level. But the true heroes of the park are the many remarkable lake formations that rest beneath the mountains, some of which are enormous. Lake Windermere, for example, cover an area of over 14 square kilometres, thanks to its huge length (some 10.5 miles from bottom to top).

Lake District


The all-charming South West county of Cornwall is a slice of paradise on the British mainland. Hundreds of beautiful sandy beaches surround the jagged peninsula, from Plymouth to Land’s End. The South coast of Cornwall, which faces over the English Channel to the coast of France, plays host to a number of fantastic beaches, resorts and harbours.


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