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Discover Iceland

There is no subtlety about Iceland’s brilliance – a place bursting with wild, spectacular moments. The isle once revered only through travel books is now easier than ever to discover. ”


Much of the Netherlands’ appeal can be summed up in the offerings of its most iconic city – Amsterdam. The country’s capital is one of the most toured places in all of Europe, welcoming travellers from all over the world


Located on the country's western border with Austria, banking the great Dunabe River, is the Slovak capital city of Bratislava. This great eastern European city is one of the most prolific in the region.


Resting among the coastal islands of Amager and Zealand, a short distance from the coast of Sweden, is the great, Danish capital city of Copenhagen. Its long, cobbled streets are lined with the colourful houses.


The beautiful hidden beaches of Europe

Finding the perfect beach location to relax and enjoy has never been easier, thanks to the Belware Guide. Here are a small selection of less popular, more tranquil beaches that can be found along the beautiful coastlines of Europe.

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Hidden Beach

Most Romantic European Cities

There’s nothing quite like spending beautiful moments with the one you love. And there is arguably no better place in the world to do that than in Europe - the continent of romance.

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